Music Tournament

80’s and 90’s Cartoon Themes

We all remember the TV shows that helped raise us with a certain amount of fondness…until today. The three of us tear into a cornerstone of our childhood by discussing the theme songs of cartoons from the 80’s and 90’s. It’s a huge pool of songs and there’s some we definitely won’t get to that you’ll probably think of as you’re listening (or even as you’re reading this), but we picked the ones to discuss that we thought were the best or at least interesting.
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James Bond: The Music

Our next series is here! After spending months on pop-music we moved into the iconic area of movie themes. But not just any  movie themes, the iconic themes of James Bond. We go through every James Bond theme (primary themes only) and take on the impossible task of determining which one is the penultimate James Bond theme. Do we get it right? Do we even get close? Listen along and find out! Feel free to comment here or on the individual podcasts if you think we really messed things up or if you agree with us whole heartedly. Read More

A New Series Is Coming Soon! …ish

Even though we’re still releasing all of the recordings from the “Music Madness” tournament. We found another subject to dive into for our next series: the music of James Bond. Today’s our first day of recording for the new series where we’ll dive into this new subject, with Vesper’s and Golden Guns in hand, to find out just which James Bond theme reigns supreme.

If you want to get an early listen to the songs we’ve been going over, there’s a Youtube playlist available here.

Keep in mind, that we’re going with music that has been in a James Bond film and that not everything on the playlist will make it to the tournament, but you might find a couple of songs on there you haven’t heard before, which is always the goal.