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Glee – Season 2

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We’re back to continue our discussion of the music from the TV series, Glee. This time around we’re dealing with the music of season 2. Which means new songs and new characters (most notably, the Warblers). After releasing our season 1 series, we got some feedback from fans of the TV series. So, this time we’ve decided to bring in some help from a couple of people who are better representatives of the Glee fandom than we are: Jen and Catherine. We can all guess that adding in fans of the show would affect the scores, but will they be able to affect our opinions?

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Glee – Season 1

Glee, the record setting and, in some ways, ground breaking series from Ryan Murphy has made a huge impact on the TV ratings as well as on the Billboard charts. A large part of the success of the TV show has been due to its covers of other artists songs. In some cases they’ve even covered covers. The Sound Arguments crew has decided to look into the different musical recordings and performances and ask ourselves the question, “Did Glee do it better?”
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80’s and 90’s Cartoon Themes

We all remember the TV shows that helped raise us with a certain amount of fondness…until today. The three of us tear into a cornerstone of our childhood by discussing the theme songs of cartoons from the 80’s and 90’s. It’s a huge pool of songs and there’s some we definitely won’t get to that you’ll probably think of as you’re listening (or even as you’re reading this), but we picked the ones to discuss that we thought were the best or at least interesting.
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James Bond: The Music

Our next series is here! After spending months on pop-music we moved into the iconic area of movie themes. But not just any  movie themes, the iconic themes of James Bond. We go through every James Bond theme (primary themes only) and take on the impossible task of determining which one is the penultimate James Bond theme. Do we get it right? Do we even get close? Listen along and find out! Feel free to comment here or on the individual podcasts if you think we really messed things up or if you agree with us whole heartedly. Read More

Music Madness Tournament

Our first shot at doing this podcast thing with structure. We selected 64 songs from 2012 (and early 2013) and pitted them against each other in a single elimination tournament. After hours of deliberation, we finally came out with a winner. Who will it be? Listen to find out.

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